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Funeral Insurance

Whilst our own demise is sadly an inevitability many people prefer to ignore making any arrangements for their funeral and not to make any provisions to help loved ones left behind.

This is a time of great personal stress for relatives particularly with having to make funeral arrangements and worrying about meeting the very considerable funeral costs. Here in Spain expatriates also face having to comply with a very different culture, legal requirements for speedy funerals, and having to deal with officialdom in a foreign language.

Pre-Paid Funeral Insurances

Taking out Pre-Paid Funeral Insurances plans are highly recommended as these should take away most, if not all, of these unwelcome difficulties which may arise.

We can arrange plans to suit the flexibility of your own personal requirements.

  • The joining price stays constant without increasing as your age increases
  • Flexible payment options are available, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual payments (no upfront lump payments)
  • Payments may start from as little as 80 cents per day
  • Death cover is worldwide


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